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Drawing on 75 years of experience in health, Diabetes NSW offers a range of programs, events and training packages aimed at improving the health, wellbeing and care of people with or at risk of diabetes.

As the peak diabetes body in NSW and representing Diabetes Australia, we have a proven track record of identifying health gaps and delivering programs and resources where they are needed most.

Large enough to meet the demands of Australia’s fastest growing disease, but nimble enough to truly care for the individual, at Diabetes NSW we tailor our programs based on our experience and our clients’ needs.

Diabetes NSW offers a diverse range of programs and services to care for and train your staff.

Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease

Live your life – workplace health

Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease with one Australian diagnosed with diabetes every 5 minutes. Those at the greatest risk are working-aged Australians.

Tailored workplace health programs have been proven to return to a company up to $5 for every dollar invested. By working with Diabetes NSW you can improve the health of your employees, your bottom line, and tackle diabetes at the same time.

Through Live your life workplace health we can:

  • Identify risk factors and problem areas
  • Quantify reduced productivity
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Improve employee health
  • Reduce turnover of staff
  • Fight diabetes

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If you would like to find out more about our programs and ways in which we can work together to improve the health and wellbeing of your organisation and staff, please enquire here.

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Vocational Training and Policy Programs

ComDiab is designed to train Practice Nurses and Community Health Nurses to deliver introductory diabetes education to the community. ComDiab is recognised by a number of professional accreditation bodies with professional development points available for those who complete this program. To find out more about ComDiab, please call 1300 342 238.

BEAT IT is a training program for exercise professionals, developing the skills and knowledge needed to deliver safe, effective lifestyle programs for people living with diabetes. Professional development points are available through ESSA and Fitness Australia. To find out more about BEAT IT, please click here.

Diabetes Essentials is an online education program aimed at increasing health or medical professional knowledge of diabetes. Professional development points are available through a number of accrediting bodies. To find out more about Diabetes Essentials, please call 1300 342 238.

Diabetes HealthCare Accreditation & Policy
Diabetes NSW is charged with the care of over 400,000 people living with diabetes in NSW. To ensure the needs, safety and peace of mind of those living with diabetes, we engage with health service providers in which people with diabetes interact to help them identify, review and or establish policy and procedures that meet current evidence based best practice.


As the Occupational Health Coordinator at a large petrochemical site in Sydney, I am always looking for cost effective ways to raise awareness in our aging workforce, of the importance of being responsible for one’s own health and physical fitness.

Tom Laing delivered a series of “Let’s Get Physical with Therabands” sessions to our workers in 2014.  These sessions were extremely adaptable and suitable for our workers as they could be performed in a small work space such as a workstation, control room, workshop or lunch room. They could also be tailored to be an easy and achievable 10 minute warm up for the older workers at risk of life-style diseases or made challenging for the fitter, younger workers, as part of a more strenuous work out with weights.

Tom was brilliant in delivering the sessions and bonding with the workers, many of whom gave me great feedback and have asked for further sessions with Tom. Now the workers do a 10-minute theraband warm up at the beginning of their 12 hour shift to prepare themselves for a safe physical work day with a diminished risk of musculoskeletal injury. We are now looking forward to our next series of “Back Injury and Core Strength” to be delivered by Tom later this year.

– Amanda Tompson RN
Occupational Health Coordinator, Qenos

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