Diabetes NSW & ACT is delighted to announce that long-standing member Ann W is the lucky winner of our inaugural $10,000 Christmas raffle.

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2000, Ann, who is a regular supporter of Diabetes NSW & ACT’s fundraising campaigns, and was thrilled to discover she held the winning ticket that was picked from over 10,000 entries.

Speaking from her home in Florey, ACT Ann said, “I’m still trying to decide what to do with all my winnings! Although some of it will be spent on enjoyable recreational-type things, some on my two granddaughters and some on things around the house.”

Ann adds that she hopes one day everyone will come to understand that diabetes is not the result of too much sugar or being overweight. “It is so much more,” she says. “It’s a very complex disease and something that can happen to anyone.”

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