Life for a Child Program


Since 2001, Diabetes NSW & ACT has been a proud key partner in the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child Program. Along with HOPE worldwide and the International Diabetes Federation, Diabetes NSW & ACT helped establish this pioneering program aimed at supporting disadvantaged children and youth with diabetes in developing countries, their families, and the dedicated health professionals who care for them.

Diabetes NSW & ACT provides invaluable assistance with Program infrastructure including:

– Financial and auditing services
– Office facilities for Life for a Child staff
– Communications and marketing services
– Locally-produced education materials (books and DVD’s)

Saving the lives of children in the developing world

In developing countries, many children and adolescents with diabetes die very quickly. Some die as the diabetes has been misdiagnosed as an infection or pneumonia. For those who are diagnosed, many die quickly as insulin and diabetes education are unavailable or unaffordable.

Others have inadequate supplies and support and so have poor blood glucose control. They are chronically unwell and develop early and devastating complications – such as kidney failure and blindness – in their early adult life. Many do not finish school and have difficulty finding employment and marriage partners.

To directly combat this issue the International Diabetes Federation Life for a Child Program was established in 2001, with support from Diabetes NSW and HOPE worldwide. The vision of the Program is that no child should die of diabetes, and it works to strengthen existing paediatric health services so that they can provide the best possible care, given local circumstances, to all young people with diabetes in that area.

For detailed information about the IDF Life for a Child Program, please contact:
Angie Middlehurst – Education Manager
c/-Diabetes NSW
GPO Box 9824
Sydney NSW 2001
T: +61 2 9552 9862  |  F:+61 2 9660 3633


Life for a Child is an innovative and sustainable support program in which individuals, families and organisations contribute monetary or in-kind donations to help children and youth with diabetes in developing countries.

As of 1st January 2016, the Program is assisting over 18,000 children and youth in 46 countries. Each centre provides regular comprehensive clinical and financial feedback to the Program Management team in Sydney.

The support provided depends on local needs and the resources available to Life for a Child. Key areas include:
– Insulin and syringes/needles
– Blood glucose monitoring equipment
– HbA1c testing facilities
– Diabetes education
– Technical support and training for health professionals
– Capacity building and sustainability

How you can help:
To find out more about making a donation, please contact Christine Williamson, LFAC Donor Liaison/Administration Assistant:
T: +61 2 9552 9933   |  F:+61 2 9660 3633

Donate now!

For information on diabetes education materials for children and youth, please contact:
Angie Middlehurst – Education Manager
T: +61 2 9552 9962 |  F:+61 2 9660 3633

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