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Who can be a Diabetes NSW & ACT member?

Anyone can be a member, but it is especially beneficial for those who live with or are at-risk of diabetes, as well as health care professionals working in the area. Financial membership provides benefits including: discounted products, support, advice, networking, member portal, education opportunities, and a rewards program.

Why would I want to join? How do I benefit?
Aside from the personal support, membership benefits can assist you in managing your diabetes and its complications.  Being part of a a community gives you access to additional supports and as a member you are invited to attend events and take part in information and awareness initiatives for free or with member discounts.

How does Diabetes NSW & ACT use the money raised through Membership and Fundraising? 
We work proactively to improve the day-to-day lives of people living with diabetes. Our mission is a life without the complication(s) of diabetes.

To achieve our mission we engage in the following activities:

1. Produce quality printed and online resources with information specific to diabetes type.

2. Financially support research through the establishment of a Chair at the University of Sydney which oversees the integration of the needs of people living with or at risk of diabetes into every aspect of community lifestyle and health. (An academic chair is a position held by a senior academic who is also the head of a department).

3. Run free Live your Life Forums for people living with diabetes and their carers with workshops that focus on Mood, Food, Move & Me. We also run multiple Live your Life Expos throughout NSW & ACT.

4. Hold fun and informative DiaBuddies Days for children living with diabetes and their families. These days provide children with the opportunity to meet others living with diabetes and gives parents access to a network of others facing similar challenges.

5. Advocacy and lobbying of government at a local, state and federal level (Please refer all Advocacy and Lobbying queries to the Advocacy Adviser).

How can I help? (Do I have to be a financial member to help?)
Membership brings with it many benefits and opportunities – as well as support and help. However, volunteering, fundraising, or working at Diabetes NSW & ACT does not require you to be a financial member. (Non-financial members cannot hold certain positions, offices, etc, and cannot vote at AGMs.)


I have moved to another state, can I transfer my membership?
Yes, your membership is transferable to another State office. To do this you need to contact the new State office on 1300 342 238 once you have moved. That office will then contact us to facilitate the transfer of membership. If you have any issues please let us know.

I have just moved to NSW or ACT from another state, can I transfer my membership to Diabetes NSW & ACT?
Yes, your membership is transferable from another state.
Please advise us in writing of your previous membership details via email: or post to:
Membership Processing
Diabetes NSW
GPO Box 9824
And we will contact your previous State office to facilitate the transfer of your membership.

Will my membership be tailored to who I am and what I need?
It’s annoying getting information and alerts that don’t relate to what you want as a member. By asking for some general information about you and where you stand on the diabetes spectrum, we can tailor your membership profile and provide you with relevant information.

When you collect details from me what are they used for?
Your personal details remain confidential at all times. Your general details are used to tailor make your membership profile and allow us to send information that is relevant to you. Information may be provided to legally authorised agencies for statistical and / or analytical research activities.

From time to time, Diabetes NSW& ACT may send members information that will assist them with the effective management of their diabetes and material that informs them about the operation of the Diabetes NSW & ACT.

What is the NDSS?
The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) is a Federal Government funded initiative, administered on behalf of the government by Diabetes Australia. NDSS registration entitles people with diabetes to receive essential products at subsidised prices. Syringes and pen needles are provided free of charge. Registration is free, and you are only required to register once. Being a NDSS registrant will allow you to make diabetes product purchases without a doctor’s prescription. You can find more information about NDSS here.

Why become a member of both Diabetes NSW & ACT and NDSS?
The two bodies perform very different but complementary roles. NDSS is a product supplier predominantly. Diabetes NSW & ACT provides support, advocacy, services, education and lifestyle programs, as well as products.

Can I cancel my membership with Diabetes NSW & ACT at any time and do I get a refund?
Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time.

Diabetes NSW Membership is a non-refundable fee. Should you believe that your circumstances for a refund requires special consideration, please make an application in writing to the Membership Manager via email to

Deceased membership can be cancelled or transferred to a carer or supporter, to do this please contact the Helpline on 1 300 136 588

Are the Membership fees going to be increased?
Diabetes NSW & ACT may apply small fee increases to membership to ensure that the organisation continues to deliver quality programs and resources. These fees will be in line with Australian CPI (Consumer Price Indicator) increases where possible.

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