How do I stay well?

Congratulations – you’ve taken the first step in learning more about managing your, or your child’s diabetes, to assist you to live your life to the fullest.

Diabetes NSW & ACT is here to help you on your journey. Learning about healthy food choices, the importance of physical activity, the healthcare team, blood glucose monitoring and preventing complications, can help you to live well with diabetes.

Some things you can do to help you understand and manage your diabetes are:

  • attend an education session (speak with your GP or a diabetes educator at Diabetes NSW & ACT),
  • obtain and read educational material from a recognised source such as Diabetes NSW & ACT,
  • become a member of Diabetes NSW & ACT and receive ongoing information, support and discounts on diabetes products, and
  • register with the NDSS.

Diabetes NSW & ACT has a range of information sheets to help you better understand diabetes in English and other languages as well as specifically for Indigenous Australians.

1 person is diagnosed with diabetes every 5 minutes

1,133,412 people with diabetes
are registered with the NDSS in Australia

Take the time to discuss your feelings and other people’s

Often, it’s not only the newly diagnosed person who needs time to adjust to the diagnosis, but family and friends may also need time and assistance to help process the diagnosis. You may be one of many who supports someone with diabetes. Family and friends are an important part of everyday life and their understanding, encouragement and support can become vital.

Your emotional wellbeing is important:

  • share your feelings with family, friends, and/or through professional counselling
  • listen to the concerns of your loved ones
  • talk with your healthcare provider (GP or diabetes educator)
  • do something that you enjoy!



It’s important to avoid unrealistic expectations!

  • realistic expectations create positive feelings
  • perfect behaviour is not achievable
  • raised blood glucose levels are not always behaviour-related

You are not alone!

Create a support network to help you manage your diabetes. Talk to other people who are living with diabetes. You could join a support group, or talk to an educator or your GP to put you in touch with other people with diabetes. Online communities and forums also exist for additional support: like our Facebook page and our forums. While we encourage you to join the community, engage and share your experiences, it’s important that you are aware that everyone has a different experience with diabetes and have individual treatment recommendations. Enjoy a good laugh with others who understand and share similar experiences to you – humour is a great medicine!

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