What do I do now?

A type 2 diabetes diagnosis usually comes as an unwelcome surprise to most people. Emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, denial, loss and fear may be experienced at this time. Some people feel completely overwhelmed, and others may just not want to think about it at all. These are all normal reactions!

Many people report experiencing what can only be described as a grieving process in the days and weeks that follow a diagnosis as they come to terms with a change in their expectations for the future. On the other hand some people feel relieved to finally get a diagnosis for feeling “not quite right”. Having a name and a plan of how to deal with your diagnosis can be empowering.

Regardless of your initial emotions, allow yourself time to adjust and absorb all the information. There is a lot of information and it will take time to learn all you can about living with diabetes. Try not to panic!

You are not alone! There are lots of people out there to help you keep everything in perspective – the key is to take it one step at a time.

Whilst everyone will have a different experience of diabetes and different treatment plans, there are some steps that are common to all.  To help you, Diabetes NSW has listed the four steps below.

There are
4 simple
steps to

You are not alone – and there are lots of people to help you!

Step 1: Register with the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS)

The NDSS is a free program sponsored by the Australian Government that subsidises the cost of blood glucose testing supplies and offers free needles and syringes to people who take insulin. It is available to all Australian residents who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

To register with the NDSS, you must fill in a form and have it signed by a doctor or a diabetes educator. For more information about registering with the NDSS including accessing the form click here.

Step 2: Learn about diabetes and how to manage it

This step can be broken into several smaller steps because there is a lot to know about diabetes.

Join us to access ongoing information, support and further discounts to products and services. To join us click here or call 1300 342 238.

  • Select your Diabetes Health Care Team

If you’re not sure who should be in your diabetes health team, watch these videos to understand who can help you and how.

  • Attend an education session or speak to your GP or educator

To find out more about healthy eating, the importance of physical activity, blood glucose monitoring, sharps disposal, how to prevent complications, and much more to help you live well.



Step 3: Create a support network

It’s important that you have got people around you who are aware of your diagnosis and can offer you support and care you need. It’s important to remember:

  • everyone has different experiences with diabetes;
  • treatment recommendations are individual;
  • diabetes support groups exist that you can join;
  • services are available to assist with important issues;
  • talk about your feelings – counselling may be helpful;
  • listen to loved one’s concerns – you could invite them to see your GP with you;
  • laughter is a great medicine; and
  • keep doing things you enjoy!

For more information, contact Diabetes NSW on 1300 342 238, visit your GP, or talk to a diabetes educator.

Step 4: Set yourself some goals

Many of Diabetes NSW’ ambassadors have said that diabetes did not affect their goals in life – their diagnosis only made them set a few new goals and enhanced their determination to overcome their challenges and live their life.

Their stories are empowering – you can see their stories here. This is a great time to review your goals and decide what you would like to achieve now.

Diabetes NSW can help to answer your questions and provide you with support – call us on 1300 342 238.  

Ask to speak with one of our diabetes educators who has been trained to assist you to determine your goals with realistic expectations. They can help you to enhance your positive feelings and encourage you to Live your life!

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